Hello I'm Mintiel. (People usually refer to me as Mint or Vi)
Late 20s, NB, Uses She/They, Lesbian, Southern California Latina (Mexican American)
I collect merch, write, draw from time to time, build custom rigs, and game.
100% FUB Free. Feel free to interact if I don't follow back.
Please do not repost my art or writing without my permission.
You're free to request to follow my Vent or NSFW accounts but I am selective on follows there.
Yamato Nikaido Oshi & Crystal Exarch Aficionado
Just a Clown who wants to raid

Mabinogi: Alveris (Global Mari)
FFXIV: E'dahn Tia (Aether)
Alts: E'kobi Tia (Primal) / Rem Isvael (Chaos) / Thaleia Katsuya (Crystal)
EnSif: 377629324
i7: 703471224
GBF: 10902768
PSN: Ravenpersonas
Steam: /id/arrivedercl
Vent twitter: Ask
NSFW twitter: @ymtfucker (18+ ONLY)
Tumblr / Instagram / Pixiv: Ask
Discord: ymt#1803

Before You follow

Things To Keep In Mind
-I swear a lot. It's pretty unintentional but a really bad habit.
-I don't always follow back. I'm ok with interaction, but please don't take it personally if I don't follow back right away.
-If you wanna see only my art, follow @arrivedercl. Just don't use my art without my permission. No headers, no icons, no edits, no reposts unless you've asked (And I reserve the right to say no)
-Recommended 18+ follow. Not really an NSFW thing but more of a maturity thing.
-I tweet a lot of jokes, and sometimes things can get borderline NSFW. It's not common. If something bothers you that I RTd tell me, I can keep an eye out to not RT/say those things in the future (This applies to everyone)
-Sometimes politics and opinions end up on public account. I try to keep it tame but if I feel something needs to be addressed, I will talk about it.

Do NOT Follow If
-You post anything Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Bigoted, etc.
-If you avidly promote piracy/bootlegging/"lifting" or start merch drama. keyword being avidly.
-If you get into fandom drama a lot. I literally do not care about your ship drama shit or your doutan shit.
-If you sympathize with pedophiles/MAPS etc.
-If you fandom police, especially to the point of harassment. I don't care if we share the same stance on controversial topics, harassing real people over fictional characters isn't something I tolerate or want to be around.

Interests & Favorites

♥ Granblue Fantasy
♥ Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
♥ Final Fantasy
♥ Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Touken Ranbu
Tales of Series
Kingdom Hearts
Kantai Collection
Touhou Project
Love Live/Sunshine
Fallout Series
Disney & Disney TsumTsum

I like a lot of other things but those are the main stay of what I like + anything cute
Prob don't want to ask me about music lol (Hint its a lot of doujin music, Metal, and Ayu lmao)

Ships (Really only listing what I make content of)
♥ WolxExarch
♥ YamaYuki
♥ GakuYama
♥ SaruShin
♥ TarlachxMilletian
I'm cool with p much any ships minus certain general no go topics & I'm up for discussion about pretty much anything as long as people are chill about it.


My commission sheet:

Sketch Style:
Icons: 4 / Bust: 7 / Waist Up: 10 / Fullbody: 15
Lineart Style:
Icons: 5 / Bust: 8 / Waist Up: 14 / Fullbody: 20
Lineless Style:
Icons: 6 / Bust: 9 / Waist Up: 16 / Fullbody: 25

Will Do:
OCs, Canon, Player Characters
Light Ship Art
Other styles that I've used that aren't featured here

Will Not Do:
(I can't draw any of these, so I'm not the person you're looking for.)

Prices in USD
Payment via Paypal, Ko-fi, certain gift cards.
Contact me via DM on Twitter (@ymtlovemail) or Discord (ymt#1803)
Invoice will be sent after approval of initial sketch
Turnaround times will vary due to work & other projects.

Additional Charges will be based on the following:
Additional Characters
Complicated outfits & armor
Giftcard purchase


Splits & Sales info


On hand Sales
-Everything is second hand & is in fairly good condition unless specified
-Everything ships out of Southern California
-For most small items I charge 4 usd domestic shipping. CAN is 10 and INTL is 15. If I suspect it'll weigh more, the price goes up based on weight.
-I ship within a week of received payment due to being a personal seller. Delays may happen from time to time but if something comes up I will let you know
-If anything is wrong, tell me. Sometimes I get caught up in real life but I'm always open for contact.
-All of my sales are done through paypal invoice if not mercari
-Unless it is a big bundle that you are guaranteed to claim, i do not hold for longer than a business week.
-I try to favor first come first serve, but I will take people who pay upfront over people who ask to pay later
-Prices based on availability & initial payment price.
-I try to keep all of my i7 merch under 15 USD unless there's a reason for it to be over that.
-Try not to send via money to friend otherwise I cannot access your address. Also please put a note when paying who you are and what you bought if possible.
-I no longer sell r-18 doujinshi to strangers. Friends only. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE LIE ABOUT YOUR AGE

Box Splits
-Claims are done first come first serve
-I usually auto claim Yamato. When in doubt ask if he's available
-I usually do not do multiple boxes and favor i7 only boxes as I don't regularly split.
-Tentative claims are allowed, however people are allowed to claim confirmed on top of a tentative slot. They will be 2nd in line to get the item unless tentative person backs out.
-On average my box splits are priced at 850 yen (around 8 usd) per strap. This will sometimes bounce up or down depending on the item, but the 850 yen or otherwise usually covers:
Base Item
Fraction of shipping
Paypal fee
Possible proxy fee
Envelope price
-I do not accept upfront payments unless stated

Group Orders
-Every once in a great while I do group proxy orders, but I usually keep it to a few people
-When doing group doujinshi orders you will be required to be 18+ regardless of the rating of the books.
-Uses fromjapan or blackship
-Payment consists of:
Base Item
Proxy Shipment & fees
Shipping from me to u (usually 4+ depending on the item)