Hello I'm Mintiel. (People usually refer to me as Mint or Vi)
Early 30s, NB, Uses She/They, Sapphic, Southern California Latina (Mexican American)
I collect merch, write, draw from time to time, build custom rigs, and game.
100% FUB Free. Feel free to interact if I don't follow back.
Please do not repost my art or writing without my permission.
You're free to request to follow my Vent or NSFW accounts but I am selective on follows there.
Yamato Nikaido Oshi & Crystal Exarch Aficionado
Just a Clown who wants to raid

Mabinogi: Alveris (Global Mari)
FFXIV: E'dahn Tia (Aether)
EnSif: 377629324
i7: 703471224
PSN: Ravenpersonas
Vent twitter: Ask
Tumblr / Instagram / Pixiv: Ask
Discord: ymt#1803
GBF: (last update: 7/02/20)

Before You follow

Things To Keep In Mind
-I swear a lot. It's pretty unintentional but a really bad habit.
-I don't always follow back. I'm ok with interaction, but please don't take it personally if I don't follow back right away.
-If you wanna see only my art, follow @arrivedercl. Just don't use my art without my permission. No headers, no icons, no edits, no reposts unless you've asked (And I reserve the right to say no)
-Recommended 18+ follow. Not really an NSFW thing but more of a maturity thing.
-I tweet a lot of jokes, and sometimes things can get borderline NSFW. It's not common. If something bothers you that I RTd tell me, I can keep an eye out to not RT/say those things in the future (This applies to everyone)
-Sometimes politics and opinions end up on public account. I try to keep it tame but if I feel something needs to be addressed, I will talk about it.

Do NOT Follow If
-You post anything Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Bigoted, etc.
-If you avidly promote piracy/bootlegging/"lifting" or start merch drama. keyword being avidly.
-If you get into fandom drama a lot. I literally do not care about your ship drama shit or your doutan shit.
-If you sympathize with pedophiles/MAPS etc.
-If you fandom police, especially to the point of harassment. I don't care if we share the same stance on controversial topics, harassing real people over fictional characters isn't something I tolerate or want to be around.

Interests & Favorites

♥ Granblue Fantasy
♥ Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
♥ Final Fantasy
♥ Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Touken Ranbu
Tales of Series
Kingdom Hearts
Kantai Collection
Touhou Project
Love Live/Sunshine
Fallout Series
Disney & Disney TsumTsum

I like a lot of other things but those are the main stay of what I like + anything cute
Prob don't want to ask me about music lol (Hint its a lot of doujin music, Metal, and Ayu lmao)

Ships (Really only listing what I make content of)
♥ WolxExarch
♥ YamaYuki
♥ GakuYama
♥ SaruShin
♥ TarlachxMilletian
I'm cool with p much any ships minus certain general no go topics & I'm up for discussion about pretty much anything as long as people are chill about it.


My commission sheet:

Sketch Style:
Icons: 4 / Bust: 7 / Waist Up: 10 / Fullbody: 15
Lineart Style:
Icons: 5 / Bust: 8 / Waist Up: 14 / Fullbody: 20
Lineless Style:
Icons: 6 / Bust: 9 / Waist Up: 16 / Fullbody: 25

Will Do:
OCs, Canon, Player Characters
Light Ship Art
Other styles that I've used that aren't featured here

Will Not Do:
(I can't draw any of these, so I'm not the person you're looking for.)

Prices in USD
Payment via Paypal, Ko-fi, certain gift cards.
Contact me via DM on Twitter (@ymtlovemail) or Discord (ymt#1803)
Invoice will be sent after approval of initial sketch
Turnaround times will vary due to work & other projects.

Additional Charges will be based on the following:
Additional Characters
Complicated outfits & armor
Giftcard purchase


Splits & Sales info

UPDATE: 07/24/20 - Due to the ongoing pandemic + the additional issues with the USPS, I have kept anything not sent out from around the start of the pandemic until now. I will NOT be shipping via USPS due to the mass reports of mail getting lost. I will only be shipping within the US at the current moment, and only with either USPS or FedEx couriers. This unfortunately means that I will need to raise prices to get your items to you safely. However, I would rather you get your items rather than it being lost in the mail. Please feel free to contact me via DM on twitter (@arvesspact) or discord (ymt#1803) so I can arrange things. Due to SAL & EMS being currently closed, I am not purchasing anything from Japan at the moment in terms of splits or proxy orders. I also had to use money from the split to secure FedEx shipping for the February 2020 i7 split and had initially planned to message people about needing more cash but I made ends meet for the most part. However due to financial reasons I had been unable to make it to the post office before problems with defunding began to arise. I apologize for this inconvenience, but I will not lie and say that this pandemic has not taken a financial toll on me. However despite all the problems going on I want to keep you all informed. Thank you tremendously for your patience and for buying with me thus far. Unfortunately after this I do not think I am financially stable enough to keep doing these splits. Any other sales I hold will be for clearing out inventory and only shipped within the US. At the current moment I do not have calculated postage for anything so it may take some time for me to organize information, especially with other things going on in my life. If something is urgent please feel free to DM me and I will address it as soon as possible.

On hand Sales
-Everything is second hand & is in fairly good condition unless specified
-Everything ships out of Southern California
-For most small items I charge 4 usd domestic shipping. CAN is 10 and INTL is 15. If I suspect it'll weigh more, the price goes up based on weight.
-I ship within a week of received payment due to being a personal seller. Delays may happen from time to time but if something comes up I will let you know
-If anything is wrong, tell me. Sometimes I get caught up in real life but I'm always open for contact.
-All of my sales are done through paypal invoice if not mercari
-Unless it is a big bundle that you are guaranteed to claim, i do not hold for longer than a business week.
-I try to favor first come first serve, but I will take people who pay upfront over people who ask to pay later
-Prices based on availability & initial payment price.
-I try to keep all of my i7 merch under 15 USD unless there's a reason for it to be over that.
-Try not to send via money to friend otherwise I cannot access your address. Also please put a note when paying who you are and what you bought if possible.
-I no longer sell r-18 doujinshi to strangers. Friends only. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE LIE ABOUT YOUR AGE

Box Splits
-Claims are done first come first serve
-I usually auto claim Yamato. When in doubt ask if he's available
-I usually do not do multiple boxes and favor i7 only boxes as I don't regularly split.
-Tentative claims are allowed, however people are allowed to claim confirmed on top of a tentative slot. They will be 2nd in line to get the item unless tentative person backs out.
-On average my box splits are priced at 850 yen (around 8 usd) per strap. This will sometimes bounce up or down depending on the item, but the 850 yen or otherwise usually covers:
Base Item
Fraction of shipping
Paypal fee
Possible proxy fee
Envelope price
-I do not accept upfront payments unless stated

Group Orders
-Every once in a great while I do group proxy orders, but I usually keep it to a few people
-When doing group doujinshi orders you will be required to be 18+ regardless of the rating of the books.
-Uses fromjapan or blackship
-Payment consists of:
Base Item
Proxy Shipment & fees
Shipping from me to u (usually 4+ depending on the item)